Less Than One Week Away!

The excitement (and the nerves) are starting to build! Today I received my housing assignment – I will be living in a three-bedroom apartment with two roommates in the Shmeisani neighborhood of the al-Abdali governorate. My apartment’s location is a very short walk from the 4th circle in Amman, and is located conveniently near a hospital, a pharmacy, a shopping center, and many other stores, hotels, and places of interest. Additionally, the apartment is steps from the Prince Hashem Bird Garden, which is a small park with a relatively cheap entry price. There is a McDonald’s about six minutes away as well, in case I *really* don’t know what to do for food… (here’s hoping I won’t stoop that low)

The location is optimal for shopping, etc. but not for travel to the University. Google estimates an approximately 1.5 hour walk, so it’s likely I’ll be taking Uber/Careem/taxis (if they ever stop striking) with the hopes of eventually learning how to use the busses, so I can save some of that money.

I’ve got a good deal of packing to do still. It’s not easy to pack for a few months so far away from home, I really have no idea what I will and won’t be able to buy when I’m there. It will certainly be a learning experience. I would certainly love any advice and tips from those who have been abroad!

ma3 as salaama,


The red-shaded area is the ash-Shmeisani neighborhood
in which I will be spending the next four months.

Thanks for Visiting!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve created this site as a place for my family and close friends to follow my travels in the coming year. At the end of January, I’ll be flying out to Amman, Jordan to begin a semester of intensive Arabic language study. I’m planning to make lots of side-trips while I’m over there, and am hoping to share some great photos of all kinds of sites, from ancient historical finds to beautiful modern-day vistas. Thanks again for visiting, and have fun following my journey!

Image result for queen alia international airport
Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) in Amman is where I will begin my trip.