Trips in Jordan! (1/3)

Hello everyone, sorry for my absence! I’ve been pretty busy lately between trips and school, and I’ve been having some major technical difficulties with my photos (hopefully I’ll be able to upload a bunch for everyone once I have decent wifi to upload them), but I figured it was always a great time to update on what I’ve been up to. This post will be the first of three about the trips inside of Jordan that are included with the study abroad package at CIEE (Biblical Jordan, Ajloun and Wadi Rum/Petra).

The first intra-Jordan trip that I embarked upon was to what is referred to as Biblical Jordan, which was a trip to the mostly-Christian town of Madaba, then Mount Nebo, then the supposed Baptism site of Jesus.

Madaba was a fun town to explore, we got to see some magnificent views, eat some fantastic food, and visit the Church of the Shrine of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, a beautiful church with an ancient crypt underneath, full of tunnels, secret passageways and archeological artifacts.

Mount Nebo is the site at which Moses supposedly saw the promised land for the first time, after forty years in the Desert. The view from Mount Nebo was stunning, you could spot the Dead Sea and Jericho from the top, as well as some incredible sprawling landscapes in Jordan.

After Madaba and Mount Nebo, we traveled all the way down below sea level to what is supposed to be the Baptism site of Jesus in the Jordan River. Israel had also erected a site on the opposite side of the river from us, and all along the river we were just a stone’s throw from Palestine. There was some contention over exactly where it was likely that Jesus had been baptized, but we covered both possible sites to be sure – there was a site that was thought to be the spot, until an ancient map was uncovered on a church floor which pointed to a new site, the one that Pope Francis visited on his holy land pilgrimage.

It was a very cool trip to go on, and amazing to be close to so many ancient historical sites. The next post will be about the Ajloun Castle, and a beautiful nature hike 🙂

Very sorry I don’t have any available pictures at the moment, Apple loves to make things easy for you until they don’t. Hopefully they’ll be coming soon!


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