I’m finished with Rome! I spent four nights in Rome in total, one in an AirBnB with my friends, and the other three in a hostel by the name of “Funny Palace” (which actually turned out to be pretty nice). Full disclaimer: I’m doing easy mode in the hostels and getting private rooms (still much cheaper than a hotel though, and sometimes just as nice). Now I’m sitting in Ciampino Airport, which is a tiny satellite airport near Rome that serves basically only RyanAir flights and charter jets.

I’m still taken aback by how good the food was in Italy, and particularly in Milan. In Rome it felt like it was harder to find good food that wasn’t cheaply-made and catered to tourists who wouldn’t know the difference.

I saw some amazing things in Rome, among which were Vatican City and The Sistine Chapel (which cost me a wait of two hours in line), the Pantheon, the Altare della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland)/Military Museum, the Colosseum and it’s surrounding ruins known as the Foro Romano and Palatino, the Trevi Fountain, and so many more things that were randomly dotted around the city. One of the craziest things about Rome was the juxtaposition of these ancient artifacts among the buildings and places in which people conduct their daily lives.

Tourist scams are everywhere in Rome, be sure to be very vigilant if you go! My friend got caught up in one that I failed to warn him about in time – they act like they’re going to give you a friendship bracelet, then ask for money once it’s tied on, and call a squad over to gang up on you if you refuse. He was basically pinned up against a fence and shaken down for his money while I tried to pull the guys off of him (who turned to me and tried to offer me a money exchange service???) They only ran away when I pulled my phone out and dialed the emergency number. A very thin line between scam and robbery here…

Despite the few annoyances, Rome was very cool, and Italy overall was wonderful.

It’s hard for me to keep from uploading massive amounts of pictures, so I tried to choose some of my favorites here, Rome really was a very cool city. Now off to Germany for just an afternoon, then Prague before my return to Amman.


A selfie (more like forehead-y) inside the colosseum

Some ruins visible from an overlook on Palatine Hill

The inside of the Colosseum

Constantine’s Arch from an overlook in the Colosseum

A basic traveling picture from outside of the Colosseum

The magnificent Altar of the Fatherland and Military Museum

The view of the River Tiber over the bridge in the evening

Vatican City

The only picture I managed to snap inside of the Sistine Chapel – pictures were forbidden so I opened my front camera and grabbed a discrete selfie

A hallway in the Vatican Museum that was full of maps and had incredible paintings on the ceiling

The glorious Pantheon in the evening

The Altar of the Fatherland and Museum in the sunset

2 thoughts on “Rome

    1. Yes! Rome is a truly amazing thing, but it is very much touristy, and the “vendors” (sometimes a loose word) know that. There is almost nobody who will approach you in Rome who does not want your money in the end. Around each attraction and the relevant subway stops there are people with vests that say “staff” and “tourist info” etc., but all of them work for tour companies, I’m pretty sure Italy doesn’t actually put anyone official out there to ask questions to, except inside the ticket areas. And don’t be afraid to ignore the friendship bracelet guys, they’ll try reallllly hard to get your attention (they even say stuff like “hey you don’t like Africa!”) I promise they just want your money.

      A ticket to the Colosseum can be purchased at the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill, or the Colosseum – and the line was shortest at the Roman Forum because nobody knows that (they all just want to go to the Colosseum)

      Get to the Vatican Museum verrrrrry early, or expect to wait awhile (I was told to try to be there at like 7 or 7:30, I didn’t mind waiting 2 hours but it can be valuable time!)

      I would also say to try to avoid eating near the tourist attractions, because the prices are higher and the quality is lower. If you get a chance to visit Milan at all, that was where I had the best food overall, but I only visited the two cities. There’s a place called Angela’s near Termini station in Rome where I had a pretty good Carbonara, as well.

      Finally, it’s easy and cheap to use public transit in Rome (including from the airport), and Uber/taxi is very expensive, so go for that if you’re up for it.

      It’s gonna be a blast I’m sure 🙂 feel free to ask me any questions you might have, hopefully I’ll have an answer!


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