Spring Break

I promise I’ve done some really cool things in Jordan since Egypt, but I’ll have to share those as an update later, because now I’m on spring break! As I write this post, it’s 12 midnight in Milan, Italy. Tomorrow I’ll be hopping on a train to Rome, followed by a brief sightseeing adventure in Berlin, then a grand finale in Prague.

I’ve seen some cool things in Milan so far – I’ve visited a ton of cathedrals, but this was the first one I got to climb to the top of, getting a perfect view of Milan, old and new. I also got to see a wonderful brick castle, and eat some incredible Italian food. I could go on for days about the food, the coffee and the wine, we really must be doing something wrong in America!

Breakfast at my hostel is just bread and cereal, but I can’t really complain, it is included. Sorry for the scarce updates, people keep reminding me to post and I keep forgetting. I’ll try to be better!


My first meal in Milan – Lasagna bolognese

A hostel continental

The famous Milan Duomo

The view from the top of the Duomo cathedral – we laid here for a good 30 minutes soaking up the sun. Would you believe it was warmer here than in Jordan?

I am very bad at remembering to take pictures of my food before I eat it…

The Castello Sforzesco

The beautiful Castello at night

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