Hello friends!

I have been neglecting my blog a tad – really, not much interesting has been happening. I’m into a routine at school, I have my classes, and day-to-day life is relatively normal (completely different from life at home, of course, but a different kind of normal for me now.)

All that said – this weekend, so far, has been incredible! Below is a picture of me taking in the magnitude of this wonderful display, the Pyramids of Giza.

This trip to Egypt is a very short one (just the weekend) but it has been truly amazing. We had a wonderful tour guide to take us around the city, and give us some spectacular options for things to do (I went four-wheeling in the desert near the pyramids!) I opted to do a tour that included entering the great pyramid, something I didn’t realize involved climbing a massive stairway/ladder with only 4 feet of clearance in some places. I’m claustrophobic to an extent, the pyramid was hot and had little oxygen. It was terrifying, and I am so glad I did it. Below I’ll add a picture of one of my friends from the program in the chute.

Our hostel here in Cairo is on the rooftop of an 8-story building, and it’s all open air (the room itself is inside but otherwise, it’s like a big rooftop garden with little rooms dotted around.) It’s very cool, we love hanging out on the roof at night.

I’m trying not to go on and on too much, but this day has been packed! Hope you all enjoy.

Thanks, as always, for your support and encouragement 🙂


From on my four-wheeler – feeling pretty cool, but it was incredibly useful with all the sand dust.

My friend Nikolai working his way up the tunnel inside the Great Pyramid

3 thoughts on “Egypt!

  1. I could only have dreamed of doing something like this at your age. The pyramid would have been a huge challenge for me – claustrophobic! Keep on soaking in in and being safe!


  2. Glad you are able to get away, explore and have some fun. I am taking a class right now about how the pyramids were built. We talked about the Great Pyramid my Thursday. I can totally picture what you described. Can’t wait to share your pics with my classmates.


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