This isn’t meant to be a lengthy or particularly introspective blog post – just a picture and explanation of some food that my friends and I enjoyed yesterday afternoon. We spent a lot of time walking around the Friday market, then stopped in this small, Italian-themed cafe on the less-crowded part of Rainbow St., which also doubled as a place for the owner to display his fantastic watercolor paintings.

What is right in front of the camera is my meal, kofte, which is simply (in this case) minced meat with tomatoes on top. To the left of me, somewhat out of view is kibbeh, which are bread balls stuffed with meat and spice. Above that is a bowl of a well-known staple, falafel. I don’t recall what was above that, I think it was some sort of omelet. Finally, to the right of that is a zaatar pizza, zaatar being a mixture of spices that is very common around here especially at breakfast time. We also enjoyed some fruit juices, which are fresh and wonderful around here.


4 thoughts on “Food!

  1. Looks and sounds good. Assuming all “finger foods” since there are no utensils on the table? Hope all is going well and you are enjoying yourself.


    1. Hi Terri! Oftentimes we are given utensils because we are very clearly foreigners, which was the case for this dinner, but a lot of times we eat by ripping the bread and using it as a vehicle to deliver the foods (by pinching or scooping the food). Having a great time, thanks for checking in 🙂


  2. Wow. It looks like a lot of food, however, my guess is none of it is fried? I love your sense of adventure with food. I wish I was the same. I get nervous when I smell the various spices. I guess I am just used to eating certain things.


  3. I like these kinds of posts. It gives a snapshot of life in another culture. I assume the “pizza” is what kind of looks like my apple pie at thanksgiving? I’m curious if they like to eat outdoors, but you probably won’t know that until it warms up!


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